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Sponsorships and Vendor tables are now available for the NHSMA Spring Conference!

We are looking for small business crafters (we REALLY would like a jewelry/ lanyard maker!), in home party - Mary Kay, PartyLite, Color Street, others are welcome!  Hey, you got stuff for men?  We got men (and husbands, boyfriends, sons...!)

Please hover over the Spring Conference tab to find the Vendor/ Sponsor tap and enter an interest inquiry - we will get back to you!


A big shout out to Dawn Broad, CMA (AAMA), Treasurer, NHSMA and Brian Stimpson, CMA (AAMA), Vice President, NHSMA.  Mar/April 2019 issue features an article about the Saturday CEU Programs offered to Medical Assistants in New Hampshire.  This program is run in cooperation with both Exeter and Concord Hospitals.  Please support the efforts the NHSMA Board - watch for these sessions and sign up for your free CEU sessions!

Read all about it on the back page of this month's CMAToday!  Post on Facebook! and post a copy at work!  You go, New Hampshire!!!!!


The New Hampshire State Society of Medical Assistants is an organization dedicated to the education, promotion and support of medical assistants.  The organization is over 50 years old and has served to promote the profession and support patient care in New Hampshire.

 The AAMA, our parent organization, is the backbone the NHSMA was built upon.  The CMA (AAMA) is promoted as the "gold standard" of the medical assistant world.  We do, however, welcome all medical assistants into our organization.  We have members from Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and, of course, New Hampshire.  There are RMA (AMT)'s, CCMA's, and even a few LPN's in the NHSMA.  Many of our associate members are educators, office managers and coders. 

 Monthly board meetings are held to discuss the business of the NHSMA.  All members are invited to these meetings.  Everyone's opinion matters.

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Linda Prince, CMA(AAMA), COA, OCT-C